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“What is that?”

May 26, 2012


Said my coworker as I pulled a purple carrot out of my bag.

“it’s a carrot” I replied.

“No it’s not. Carrots are orange.”

“Yes, some carrots are orange, but they also come in red, yellow, purple, cream, and different shades in between. You know, the most carrots used to be red or purple until a particular Royal family came along. Orange was their color and just like certain families had a royal rose, they used the orange carrot as one of their symbols thus making it more common.”


This happens a lot. It’s sad that we have been so sheltered from all of the wonderful and different varieties of food all because they are less convenient for giant agribusiness to produce and distribute, but at the same time I do enjoy the shock and awe that comes with showing people something they had no idea existed, like purple carrots. Especially purple carrots this big.

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