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The spring to summer transition.

May 23, 2012

Change is inevitable. Change can be good or change can be bad. Sometimes a change of pace is what we need. Often times in life, the transition between the old and the new is the most difficult, but not this time!!! The time between spring and full blown summer is fantastic in the garden! I love it because just when I start to get tired of things like kale, spinach, maybe even lettuce that I have been eating since January, in comes the first of the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers to slap me in the mouth, assault my taste buds, and then quickly sooth me to contentment! To really awaken the senses and breathe new life into my greens!



Lemon cucumbers, gold nugget tomatoes, and a few strawberries that refuse to quit.

This year we tried a new to us heirloom variety of cucumber, the lemon cucumber. Actually, I guess I tried growing them in the fall, but the heat and cucumber beetles won so we never got any. To any cucumber beetles reading this, may you burn in hell. These are my cucumbers, keep your little hands (or legs more accurately) off them. To everyone else, try mixing it up! Grow something your grandparents would have eaten, maybe even your great grandparents! Back when they chose varieties for taste and not shelf life and transportability as in our industrialized food system.


So naturally you are wondering how they taste. I don’t know. I got so excited to share, I haven’t even cut one open and tried it yet.

Please hold…..


Oh my. That is fantastic!! It’s cucumbery, but different. Quite crunchy and a good hint of sweetness. I’d rate the bitterness as nonexistent. Where have you been all my life lemon cucumber??? What’s that?? You’ve been around since at least 1894? Oh, my bad. Glad to finally make your acquaintance. Now kindly get in my mouth.

Happy gardening



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