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I have multiplier onions if anyone wants them

March 10, 2012

Hey everyone,

I have some multiplier onion bulbs left over from the fall. They’ve been in my fridge so they should still be good. I don’t have room for any more of them in my plot and I would hate for them to go to the compost if they can be of use to someone.


If you aren’t familiar with multiplier onions, they make fantastic green onions!! If you leave one or two in the ground they will….. TA DA!!! MULTIPLY!! Basically they make a cluster of bulbs which you can split and plant again, thus having an practically endless supply. The bulbs don’t grow that big so don’t plan on making onion rings or anything, but we use them all the time in salads and roasting chickens.


Leave a comment if you want them and we’ll work out a drop off. I have about 20 I think.

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